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Still spending hours designing your own book cover and wasting hundreds of dollars on outsourcing?
Now Anyone Can Make Professional Book Cover With Ease...
You'll never have to worry hiring an expensive designer that will cost you hundreds of dollars because someone did the hard work for you.
First impressions really matter! 
We all make instant judgments that is why we dress up for a job interview, apply food garnishing before we serve a meal and wear expensive clothes for a business meeting. First impressions counts.
Studies have shown that people judge your book by its cover in 8 seconds or less.

Don’t give someone the opportunity to disregard your book in the first three seconds of seeing the cover.
Book cover design plays an important role!
Publishing companies and bestselling authors invest hundreds (even thousands) of dollars when they launch a book. Why? The book cover design is the very first thing your readers will connect with, long before they read your synopsis. 
Make a great first impression!
A book’s cover is the visual representation of your writing. It is a reflection of your whole book. It’s supposed to intrigue, give your prospects a hint of what the book is about and captivate your audience to give the book a closer look.
It's essential what your book cover looks like.
An extraordinary cover draw our attention, create an expectation that excites us and gives us confidence that the book may be exceptional. And a poorly designed book cover conveys a lack of care.
But Here's The Problem
I'm certain you will encounter these problems when you hire a professional designer or if you decide to do it yourself from scratch.
Good Designers Are Expensive
Graphic designers can be very expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars.
Lack of Creative Skills
Not everyone has the creative flair or the skills necessary to design high-quality book cover design.
Time Consuming
Designing from scratch isn't as easy as you think. It's time-consuming and it can be highly frustrating.
The Solution
Let's face it most book covers get no attention at all, with template pack we solved this problem.
No more trying to figure out how to design a book cover.
Brand New  Book Cover Templates
This template pack contains 50 customizable professionally designed templates that will save you hours of time.
Download this collection right now and have your covers created today
Kindle and CreateSpace Version
American Hero
Breast Cancer
Business 101
Breast Cancer
Fire Of Water
Ideas Into Cash
Crowd Funding
Deadly Beauty
Drink No More
Divine Calling
The Right Diet
Fitness For Weight Loss
Encounter God Everyday
Fire Of Love
Followers of Christ
The Greatest Gift
Heaven's Way
Innocent Blood
He Died And Rose Again
Leave Your Day Job
Life Story
Perfect Job
Living Miracles
Money Making ideas
Mastering Real State
Obeying Christ
Les's Save America
Powerful Sermons
Point Black
Road To Life
Sunset To Sunrise
Take The Job
I will Surrender
Effective CEO
The Mayor
There Is Hope
The Witness
From The Top
The Trial
True Friendship
Write Now Publish Later
Walk Away
6 Reasons Why To Get This  Book Cover Templates Pack
If you want exceptional templates which are genuinely going to spice up your book cover, then look no further, because you just found them.
Professionally Designed
Each and every single template in this pack has been professionally designed.
Save More Money
This one really is a total no-brainer! I seriously should not have to explain or justify the price!
No More Expensive Designer
No more wasting time and money on expensive book cover designers who always have hidden fees.
Increase Conversions
An eye-catching book cover impresses prospects, and impressed prospects are more likely to buy.
Increase Credibility
 Average person will decide to buy your book within 3 - 8 seconds of seeing the cover.
Super Easy to Customize
Each template are layered and organized inside Photoshop for your easy customization.
Listen to what Photoshop veteran has to say
The founder of the ebook cover software called CoverActionPro – Ebook cover software
More Possibilities
You are not limited to use it as Kindle or CreateSpace template this bundle you can do a lot more with it. You can design an ecover like ebook, dvd, report  just like the samples below.
I'm certain you will agree that book cover templates like these are effortlessly worth 100 times what I'm offering here today.
Clearly, you'll be getting a huge discount with this special offer.
30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
You have absolutely nothing to lose. Your investment is backed with my 100% Money Back Guarantee.  You have 30 days to try them out, and if you're not completely satisfied, simply request a refund.

We're 100% confident you're going to love the results after you makeover your book cover with our templates.
Increase Credibility
Again first impressions counts. Draw their attention, create an expectation that excites them
Super Easy to Customize
Each template are layered inside Photoshop for your easy customization to make them unique
50 Kindle Book Cover Templates
You got 50 different Kindle(and CreateScapce version)  book cover templates ready to customize
Get all  Kindle and CreateSpace  Templates for a 
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Diana M Needham
"Nathaniel is one of the best designers when it comes to cover designs.  His ability to create tangibility from a digital product truly helps to increase the customers perceived value and conversion rates."
Mark Thompson
"I don't even want to give this testimonial because I want Nathan all to myself! ;) Nathan is my go to guy for graphics - stunning designs every time! If you are into Kindle you will not find a better resource than this."
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Founder, Pinpoint Digital
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Paul Barrs
Nathan. You are wonderful. I love what you’ve done. You’ll be my first choice always for book cover design. I’m excited to share my book with the world! A thousand thank you’s.
Tina Taylor
"Nathaniel is extremely talented in Graphic Design. He knows how to make eye popping graphics that not only impress people but convert on sales pages. When he releases a graphics package, I'm the first one to jump on board cause it provides my customers extreme quality and results."
Ricky Mataka
Your Personal and Developer License Terms
Things you can and you can't do
  • Can be edited
  • You can use in your unlimited personal projects
  • You can use in your unlimited client projects
  • You  can pass to your designer to edit the template for you or a client
  • Cannot be sold or resell in any way
  • Cannot pass your Developer License
  • Cannot be given away
  • Cannot edit the templates and resell as a package
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do I need Photoshop® to edit the template?
Photoshop® is required to edit the templates. All templates are PSD layered source files. You can pass the template to your graphic designer to edit it for you.
Q. I’ve limited ability using Photoshop®, can I still do this?
Yes! Those templates are ready, all you have to do is change the title, subtitle, add/change images and you're done.
Q. Do you offer money back guarantee?
Yes! Your purchase is 100% Risk-Free. Within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply request a refund.
Q. Can I use this on my client's projects with no limits?
Absolutely. But you are not allowed to give away or sell these templates in any way.
Q. Where do you get the 3D mockups on this page?
You can download free and paid 3D mockups at
Q. What software you used to design this page?
For the images Photoshop® and iGloo App for the page and animations.
Q. Where do you get the photos?, and
Q. Is the spine and back cover included in the package?
Yes! The spine and back cover of the book is included in the package.
If you have any questions, contact us at nathan[at]
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