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The Truth Is, First Impressions Really Matter!
We all make instant judgments that is why we dress up for a job interview, apply food garnishing before we serve a meal and wear expensive clothes for a business meeting. First impressions count.
Book cover design plays an important role!
Publishing companies and bestselling authors invest hundreds (even thousands) of dollars when they launch a book. Why? The book cover design is the very first thing your readers will connect with, long before they read your synopsis.
6 Reasons Why You Need To Order Now?
You'll never have to worry about hiring an expensive designer that will cost you between $197 and $397 for one cover design!
Professionally Designed
When you order now expect a professionally designed book cover.
No More Expensive Designer
No more wasting time and money on expensive book cover designers who always have hidden fees.
Increase Credibility
Average person will decide to buy your book within 3 - 8 seconds of seeing the cover.
Save More Money
This one really is a total no-brainer! I seriously should not have to explain or justify the price!
Increase Conversions
An eye-catching book cover impresses prospects, and impressed prospects are more likely to buy.
Unlimited Revisions
Your investment is backed with unlimited revisions until you're satisfied.
Previous Design Projects
Wait .. before you order, I want to wipe out any doubt you may have. You may be thinking, "Nathan's just a newbie
trying to make money online by offering his book cover design service." So take a look at my portfolio.
The Order Process
3 Quick and Easy Steps
Choose Your Desired Package
Pay via Paypal. They offer a fully encrypted secure payment system that allows you to pay by credit card or your paypal account.
Email Me Your Book/Product
After placing your order, you'll be directed to a form where you will share detailed information about your book as well as your vision for the cover. 
Confirmation Of Your Order
I will reply to your email as soon as possible to confirm your order.
Choose The Right Package To Fit Your Needs
Plus your investment is backed with unlimited revisions until you're satisfied.
One time payment only. No hidden fees!
  • One (1) Cover Design
  • Kindle Version
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Three 3D Ecover Version
  • Different Sizes (Upon Request)
 One time payment only. No hidden fees!
Most Popular
  • One (1) Cover Design
  • Print Book Cover Version
  • Kindle  (Ebook) Version
  • Audiobook Cover
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • PSD Source File (Upon Request)
  • Four Different 3D Ecover Version
  • Different Sizes (Upon Request)
"Nathan is one of the most hardworking, and most talented book cover designers around."
Mark Monciardini -
"Nathan is my top go-to person for amazing book cover design and specialized graphics work for my author clients. He is not only very talented and provides great first designs (even with limited direction) but is very responsive to change requests and is focused on ensuring the client is happy with the results. I highly recommend his product and services."
Diana M Needham -
"Nathan is not only my go-to graphic designer for all of my projects, he's also the designer I send all my clients and students to.  As an author, I know a book cover is one of the best investments for selling more books. That's why I consider Nathan's work to be one of the best investments I make when creating my books."
Derek Doepker -
"Nathaniel is one of the best designers when it comes to ecover designs.  His ability to create tangibility from a digital product truly helps to increase the customers perceived value and conversion rates."
Mark Thompson -
"Fantastic work. While I’m OK with doing my own graphics, I know that they’re only “OK”. I asked for fast and efficient, easy and effortless, and that’s what you gave me. I’ll certainly be back for more. Thank you very much."
Paul Barrs -
"I don't even want to give this testimonial because I want Nathan all to myself! ;) Nathan is my go to guy for graphics - stunning designs every time! If you are into Kindle you will not find a better resource than this."
Valerie Duvall - Founder, Pinpoint Digital
"Thank you for everything you've done for me. When I was heavily involved in the Internet Marketing industry, your website and product design helped me sell double the amount of product than if I didn't have professional graphics."
Terry Telford -
"I have always received excellence service from Nathan. His professional attitude is really refreshing and he offers great service which I have found hard to find with other designers. I would recommend him without a doubt."
Lisa Eldridge -
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I pay?
We accept paypal and credit card via paypal
Q. What is the turnaround time for each cover design?
Normally 2-3 working days, it depends on your revisions.
Q. Do you provide free revision after you deliver the files?
Yes, I provide it for free as long as the revision only involves changing text, wrong grammar or color adjustments.
Q. Do you offer money back guarantee?
This time, I don’t offer money back because the product I offer here is service. Make sure you consider this before you order.
Q. What is the resolution of your Kindle version?
I provide 300dpi for the Kindle and CreateSpace version and 72dpi for the 3D ecover version.
Q. Do I have to pay extra for stock images?
Yes and no. The price you pay for your book cover includes all stock images used. Suppose you requested the PSD source file then you need to purchase your stock photo license.
Q. Where do you get the 3D mockups on this page?
You can download free and paid 3D mockups at
Q. What software you used to design this page?
For the images Photoshop® and iGloo App for the page and animations.
Q. My question I want to ask is not listed here, can I contact you first before I order?
Yes please, feel free to contact me and I would love to answer you with more information.
 Q. Do you offer free book cover templates that I can use for personal and client's projects?
Yes! Please visit for free templates.
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