Creative Cover Design Template

Creative Cover Design Template

Sizzle and Stack: Introducing Our Burger Recipe Book Cover Template

Calling all food enthusiasts, culinary creators, and burger aficionados! We’re flipping the script on cookbook covers with our mouthwatering—Burger Recipe Book Cover Template. If your love for burgers goes beyond the grill and into the realm of culinary storytelling, these templates are the secret sauce to make your cookbook stand out.

Your burger recipe book deserves a cover that’s as flavorful and inviting as the recipes inside. With our Burger Recipe Book Cover Templates, you have the tools to create a visual experience that mirrors the mouthwatering delights of your culinary creations. Download your template at [Your Website Name] and get ready to sizzle, stack, and share the joy of burgers. Happy designing!


  • PSD Book Cover Template
  • Kindle Ideal Dimensions Size 1,600 x 2,560 pixels
  • High resolution
  • RGB Color Profile (Kindle does not support CMYK)
  • Print Quality
  • Mock-up not included

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