Customizable Full Cover Book Template

Customizable Full Cover Book Template

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Your book cover is the gateway to your story. With our customizable full-cover book templates, you have the tools to create an immersive experience for your readers. Download your template now and embark on a visual journey that complements the magic of your words. Happy designing!

This template covers not just the front but the entire book. Dive into a canvas that allows you to express your story’s depth seamlessly. Tailor every inch of your book cover to reflect your unique vision. Fonts, images, colors—it’s all customizable to match your creative voice. Once your full cover design is complete, share it with the world! Tag us on social media—we love celebrating your literary accomplishments.

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John Doww


  • PSD Book Cover Template
  • Kindle Ideal Dimensions Size 1,600 x 2,560 pixels
  • High resolution
  • RGB Color Profile (Kindle does not support CMYK)
  • Print Quality
  • Mock-up not included
  • Preview photo included but watermarked
  • You need to get your free stock photo license

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