High-Quality Book Cover Template

High-Quality Book Cover Template

Unwrap Your Love Story

Love stories have the power to captivate hearts, and we believe every enchanting tale deserves a visual masterpiece. That’s why we’re thrilled to gift you a free Love Story Book Cover Template! Whether your narrative is a timeless romance, a contemporary love affair, or a whimsical tale of amour, our template is designed to embrace the essence of your story.

Dive into a palette that mirrors the myriad hues of love – soft pastels, passionate reds, and tranquil blues. Our template allows you to choose colors that resonate with the emotions woven into the fabric of your love story, creating a cover that’s as expressive as your words.

May it amplify the magic of your words and entice readers to unwrap the love story within. Download your template now, and let your love story’s cover be a prelude to the romance that lies within the pages.

Raise your quills, noble authors, and let the storytelling commence!


  • PSD Book Cover Template
  • Kindle Ideal Dimensions Size 1,600 x 2,560 pixels
  • High resolution
  • RGB Color Profile (Kindle does not support CMYK)
  • Print Quality
  • Mock-up not included
  • Preview photo included but watermarked
  • You need to get your free stock photo license
  • Help file

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