Affordable Book Cover Template

Affordable Book Cover Template

Medieval Historical Romance Book Cover Template

Step into a world of knights, castles, and timeless love with our latest offering – a free Medieval Historical Romance Book Cover Template. Crafted for authors who weave tales of chivalry and passion, this template is your passport to a bygone era where love blossoms amidst the grandeur of the medieval landscape.

Our template captures the essence of medieval romance with regal flourishes, ornate borders, and a palette inspired by the richness of the Middle Ages. Whether your story unfolds in the halls of a castle or amidst the mystique of a medieval forest, this template sets the stage for an enchanting journey.

Fear not, brave authors and storytellers! The template is designed for easy customization, ensuring that even those without a royal scribe’s skills can effortlessly craft a cover befitting their medieval masterpiece.

As you set forth on your quest to pen a tale of love and chivalry, let our free book cover template be your herald. May it herald the arrival of your medieval romance into the hearts of readers far and wide. Download your template now, and may your words echo through the ages like a timeless ballad of love and honor!

Raise your quills, noble authors, and let the storytelling commence!


  • PSD Book Cover Template
  • Kindle Ideal Dimensions Size 1,600 x 2,560 pixels
  • High resolution
  • RGB Color Profile (Kindle does not support CMYK)
  • Print Quality
  • Mock-up not included
  • Preview photo included but watermarked
  • You need to get your free stock photo license
  • Help file

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